Tips For Encouraging Internet Safety

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The Internet has become one of the most essential parts of everyday life because of its convenient access to knowledge, entertainment, necessities, and so much more. You can even use your phone as a virtual gate to the World Wide Web as you go about your daily schedule. Though no one can deny that being online has vastly improved life, there are various problems that have created a threat to our overall security. At SafeHouse, we want you to be able to enjoy the convenience and wonder of the Internet with complete peace of mind. That is why the team at your security company has compiled a list of helpful tips for you and your family to follow whenever you go online. They include:

  • Only visit secure websites (look for a lock icon next to the URL).
  • If any warnings appear before you arrive to a website (i.e. malware, unauthorization, etc.), immediately exit out of the tab or window.
  • Only use secure passwords for any websites that require a login. While it is important to make them easy to remember, we strongly suggest that you NEVER choose passwords that personally relate to you or write them down anywhere. Weak passwords include birthdays, anniversaries, favorite colors, the names of your pets, and more. Instead, it is wise to pick a combination of letters and numbers that are both random and simple to commit to your memory. The team at your security camera company will be glad to give you more information on this.
  • Only enter personal information like your address or financial information on certified, secure websites that you absolutely trust.
  • Never open any suspicious emails that appear to be spam or come from email addresses that you do not recognize.

When it comes to internet safety for kids, SafeHouse suggests you do the following:

  • Restrict access to age-inappropriate websites or videos. You can do this by installing parental controls on your home network.
  • Monitor how much screen time your children are using. A possible starting limit is up to an hour a day, then you can gradually increase it depending on the age of your kids.
  • Check your child’s search history after each online session.
  • If your child has a smartphone, then your security camera company recommends that you place them on a limited data plan and talk to them about the potential dangers of the Internet before they leave the house.

The professionals at SafeHouse hope that these tips assist you and your family in enjoying everything that the Internet offers. Be sure to contact us with any questions you might have, and remember to stay safe online!

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