At SafeHouse, we’re proud to celebrate a momentous occasion – the 50th anniversary of Bay Country Security! Since 1973, Bay Country Security has been a trusted name in the Bay Country region’s residential and commercial security solutions.

In 2023, Bay Country Security became part of the SafeHouse family, and together, we’ve continued their legacy of exceptional service and innovative security solutions. We’re committed to upholding the high standards established by Bay Country Security for the past five decades.

A Legacy of Trust

For 50 years, Bay Country Security has provided peace of mind to countless families and businesses in the Bay Country area. They’ve witnessed the evolution of security technology, adapting and growing alongside the ever-changing needs of their customers.

A Brighter Future for Security

As SafeHouse, we’re honored to carry the torch lit by Bay Country Security. We’re dedicated to building upon their strong foundation, offering the latest advancements in security technology while maintaining the personalized service Bay Country customers have come to expect.

Looking Ahead

We’re excited for what the future holds for SafeHouse in Bay Country. We’re committed to providing our valued customers with the best possible security solutions, ensuring their homes and businesses remain safe and secure for years to come.

Thank you, Bay Country Security, for 50 years of service!

We look forward to continuing your legacy!