Tips On Having A Fun And Safe Halloween

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Halloween, the spookiest of holidays, is fast approaching and it always is such fun. It’s the holiday where everyone — no matter what age — can put on a costume, enjoy different parties, get delightfully terrified at haunted houses, watch plenty of horror movies and so much more. Naturally, Halloween is especially wonderful for the kids because that means trekking out into the neighborhood and eating all the candy they can find. Though having fun on Halloween is exciting, our team at SafeHouse LLC  also wants our customers to be safe as possible during the evening. To better assist our #SAFECommunities, we’ve put together several tips you can follow that will help you and your loved ones have the most BOOtiful Halloween this year. They include:

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– Making Costumes Visible — A  good idea is to ensure that all costumes are bright and easy to see in the nighttime. That can be accomplished by buying or making a brightly-colored costume, or by placing reflective tape in strategic areas (like on the chest and back) along the costume and on any trick-or-treat bags. This tip especially is important for children and will help them be seen by passing cars or by others on the streets.

– Trick-Or-Treating With Supervision — One of the most important ways to stay safe on Halloween is to have adult supervision for children 12 years old and under during their search for candy. If you feel that your older children are mature enough, then they can go trick-or-treating in pairs or groups. However, no child should ever be by themselves on Halloween night, so remember to keep a close eye on your costumed little ones and always know where they are.

– Bringing Plenty Of Light — Our staff at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, thinks a key part of Halloween safety is to have everyone in your group carry multiple flashlights and glow sticks while you are out on Halloween night. That way, you always will be clearly visible to everyone else and you’ll know what exactly is in the shadows. It also is wise to choose houses with the lights on when your little goblins are seeking the best trick-or-treat spots.

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– Having Everyone’s Contact Information — We suggest that you and everyone else in your Halloween group share any and all contact information with each other, so you only experience the good kind of scares. We also suggest that everyone makes sure their cell phones are fully charged before you head out and that you have sufficient service. Your cell phone also can double as a light source.

– Examining All Trick-Or-Treat Candy — We’ve all heard the stories that razor blades, pills or other hazardous materials can be found in trick-or-treat candy. It may seem far-fetched today and unlikely in today’s world, but we at SafeHouse believe it always is better to be safe than sorry. This is why we definitely recommend that you thoroughly inspect each piece of candy you or your young ghouls receives after you get home from Halloween night. While it might make your kids upset they can’t dive into their candy feast right away, it certainly is worth the delay to have peace of mind about what they will be ingesting.

Here at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we want all of our #SAFECommunities to have the most spooktacular Halloween they can. We also want it to be as safe as possible, so remember to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about Halloween safety. We hope you find these tips helpful and remember to save some candy for us!

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