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Protect Your Home While You Travel This Winter

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Winter has arrived, meaning you and your family will be traveling all over the country to go on a much-needed vacation or to just take in the snow-covered scenery. However, it is very important that you remember to ensure the security of your home before you head out so that you can return to a truly safe house after your trips. Our experts at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, want that for our customers and have provided several tips on how to protect your home as you enjoy a winter driving adventure:

  • Let Neighbors Know: We recommend that you let your trusted neighbors know about your trip, what your destination is and when they can expect you back. Not only will this give you an extra set of eyes on your house, but it also will be very helpful if you run into an emergency out on the road and the authorities need to know where to send assistance.
  • Hide Your Keys Well: Though this may already be a practice that you do, it never hurts to change the hiding places of any spare keys you have. Make sure that you choose places that are hard to detect even if someone was searching for them, but also one that you will remember. Some new spots could be among shrubbery, taped behind a rain spout, given to a neighbor, placed in a lockbox, or anywhere else that is concealed from view. However, our experienced team at SafeHouse LLC, your home for a new security system, says not to use decorative rocks because a thief can smash a window with one

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  • Let People Think Someone’s Home: Here at SafeHouse LLC, your home security destination, we suggest that you put out clues that someone still is at your house before you go away. They could be a dog bowl outside the door, lights set on a timer that will go off at “bedtime,” work boots or equipment somewhere outside, etc. These signs will be useful in deterring would-be burglars.
  • Perform A Checklist Before You Leave: It is always a smart idea to make a mental home security checklist before you get in your car. Possible items to have on it are: locking all the doors and windows, ensuring your valuables are safely stored away, arming your security system (if you have one) and more. Though it may seem tedious, this practice will let you fully enjoy your trip with peace of mind.
  • Have SafeHouse Experts Install A Security System: Our experienced team at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, think that the best safety measure you can have is allowing us to install a security system in your home. We will go over exactly what the system will do, answer any questions you might have, and guarantee that you feel entirely confident in the capabilities of this system. You deserve to have fun away from home, so let SafeHouse LLC give you that confidence.

Here at SafeHouse LLC, your home security destination, we always want our customers to enjoy living in #SAFECommunities and have a great time on all of their journeys this winter. Contact us for more tips or to schedule the installation of your new security system today!

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How You Can Keep Your Business Safe

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Here at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we want to remind everyone that we are not just focused on home security. We also want our customers to know the importance of keeping your business safe at all times, especially when you are not there. Though buying locks is a good first step, there are other practices that you can employ that will give you confidence in heading home for the night. Our team at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, believes that having #SAFECommunities starts with ensuring the protection of our local businesses, because they are the bedrock of our community. Several ways you can keep your business safe includes:

– Have A Chime On Your Door — Having a bell, chime or other noisemaker is a simple and cost-effective way to always know when someone is coming in and out of your business. It also will an easy reminder for when you are expecting a meeting or a package to be delivered.

– Have GPS Tracking On All Work Vehicles — If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles that experience daily use, our staff at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, suggests that you install GPS tracking on all of them. That way, you always will know exactly where your work vehicle is at all times and expand your business stress-free.

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– Install Security Cameras — This is a safety measure that our experienced team at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, fully recommends that you have in and outside of your business. Not only are they an effective deterrent against theft, but they also will let you keep an eye on everything that is happening with your business. You also do not even have to be at work to monitor the cameras; you can do so from the comfort of your home. Be sure to ask our expert staff at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, about which type of security cameras you should have and about the installation process.

– Keep A Key Log — We suggest that you always have a record of which employee has keys to your business. This is a great way to guarantee you know the exact amount of keys and not worry about misplacing one.

Our staff at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, hopes that our customers who have businesses find these tips useful. Feel free to reach out to us about any questions you might have or how we can help your business be part of our #SAFECommunities.

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Tips On Having A Fun And Safe Halloween

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Halloween, the spookiest of holidays, is fast approaching and it always is such fun. It’s the holiday where everyone — no matter what age — can put on a costume, enjoy different parties, get delightfully terrified at haunted houses, watch plenty of horror movies and so much more. Naturally, Halloween is especially wonderful for the kids because that means trekking out into the neighborhood and eating all the candy they can find. Though having fun on Halloween is exciting, our team at SafeHouse LLC  also wants our customers to be safe as possible during the evening. To better assist our #SAFECommunities, we’ve put together several tips you can follow that will help you and your loved ones have the most BOOtiful Halloween this year. They include:

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– Making Costumes Visible — A  good idea is to ensure that all costumes are bright and easy to see in the nighttime. That can be accomplished by buying or making a brightly-colored costume, or by placing reflective tape in strategic areas (like on the chest and back) along the costume and on any trick-or-treat bags. This tip especially is important for children and will help them be seen by passing cars or by others on the streets.

– Trick-Or-Treating With Supervision — One of the most important ways to stay safe on Halloween is to have adult supervision for children 12 years old and under during their search for candy. If you feel that your older children are mature enough, then they can go trick-or-treating in pairs or groups. However, no child should ever be by themselves on Halloween night, so remember to keep a close eye on your costumed little ones and always know where they are.

– Bringing Plenty Of Light — Our staff at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, thinks a key part of Halloween safety is to have everyone in your group carry multiple flashlights and glow sticks while you are out on Halloween night. That way, you always will be clearly visible to everyone else and you’ll know what exactly is in the shadows. It also is wise to choose houses with the lights on when your little goblins are seeking the best trick-or-treat spots.

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– Having Everyone’s Contact Information — We suggest that you and everyone else in your Halloween group share any and all contact information with each other, so you only experience the good kind of scares. We also suggest that everyone makes sure their cell phones are fully charged before you head out and that you have sufficient service. Your cell phone also can double as a light source.

– Examining All Trick-Or-Treat Candy — We’ve all heard the stories that razor blades, pills or other hazardous materials can be found in trick-or-treat candy. It may seem far-fetched today and unlikely in today’s world, but we at SafeHouse believe it always is better to be safe than sorry. This is why we definitely recommend that you thoroughly inspect each piece of candy you or your young ghouls receives after you get home from Halloween night. While it might make your kids upset they can’t dive into their candy feast right away, it certainly is worth the delay to have peace of mind about what they will be ingesting.

Here at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we want all of our #SAFECommunities to have the most spooktacular Halloween they can. We also want it to be as safe as possible, so remember to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about Halloween safety. We hope you find these tips helpful and remember to save some candy for us!

How To Be Safe In The Work Place

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local security systemSafety is one of the most important factors in the modern workplace. With accidents and injuries happening every single day, SafeHouse wants our clients to stay informed of what they can do to prevent workplace incidents and issues so you can stay at work happy and healthy. #SAFEcommunities start with SafeHouse and a safe workplace starts with proper precautions. Take a few tips from your friends at SafeHouse, your local security company, and keep yourself and your coworkers safe.

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Follow Directions and Use Machines/Tools Correctly

Always make sure that you take the proper precautions when using machinery and tools. You should never take shortcuts, even if you think it makes work easier. Maybe using a screwdriver to dislodge something or climb scaffolding like it’s a ladder might sound like a good idea at the time, but it could end in a tragic workplace incident. Never use a tool in place of another for a particular job, as taking shortcuts is a huge cause of workplace injuries. Make sure you’re always properly trained in equipment before using it as well, so you are always following proper directions.

Be Aware of Easily Accessible Emergency Exits

Your workplace should always have emergency exits that you can reach quickly and easily. There should be nothing blocking these exits at all, as a clear path is essential for accessibility. You should always have a clear path to all emergency equipment shutoffs in case you have to turn off a piece of equipment quickly to prevent an accident. Your workplace should always make their staff aware of all emergency exits and emergency equipment shutoffs in case they need to be accessed.


Wear the Proper Safety Equipment

Most safety equipment is designed with the exact goal of preventing accidents and injury. If you’re not wearing the correct safety equipment, then you’re practically asking for an injury. Management should always brief their employees on what safety equipment they need and follow up by enforcing that the staff is wearing it at all times. Equipment such as hard hats, safety goggles, masks, and earplugs are just a few examples of some essential workplace equipment that can prevent issues and injuries.

Always Report Unsafe Work Conditions

Management should always do everything in their power to make sure that their workplace is safe and their employees have good working conditions, but they cannot fix issues that they are not aware of. You should always inform your supervisor of any workplace risks or safety hazards so they can be taken care of as soon as possible. Awareness is the first step in fixing an issue, so make sure that management always knows when there is a problem so it can be solved in a timely manner.

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Getting Ready to Go Back to School

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Back to SchoolThe school year is quickly approaching and it is about time to start preparing the kids to get back into the rhythm of going to class every day and studying every night. Here at SafeHouse, your local security company, we want to make sure that your kids are fully prepared to get back into the classroom. Safety is such a massive concern in today’s education climate. Our team at SafeHouse, your local security company, has compiled a list of a few tips that you and your child can use to make sure that they stay safe throughout the school year. Sending your child to school can be nerve-wracking and scary whether they are heading to Kindergarten or final years of college, but you’ll be able to put your mind at ease with these helpful tips.

Bus Stop Safety – Make sure your child is always walking to the bus stop and not running. Aim to get to the stop five minutes before the bus gets there, so that way they won’t have to rush. Your kid should also always use the sidewalk. If there isn’t a sidewalk, they should walk on the left side facing towards traffic. As always, tell them to avoid strangers and definitely never get into a vehicle with one. They should look to the left and the right and then to the left again once the bus and the traffic around it has stopped with the stop sign extended.

Back to SchoolBuddy System – The buddy system is a great way for your child to stay safe, no matter where they are. This system can apply to the bus stop, field trips, or even playing outside during recess. With the buddy system, your child will be paired with another so they are never alone. This will deter issues such as harassment from strangers and getting lost on long trips. If your child has a buddy who is accountable for them, you won’t have to worry about your kid being by themselves and therefore more susceptible to danger.

College Parties (Binge Drinking) – Students in elementary through high school aren’t the only ones getting back to class, college students will be settling into their dorms soon as well. One common problem for college students occurs when too much alcohol is consumed over a short period of time. This is a dangerous activity called “binge drinking” and is responsible for countless ambulance trips, hospital stents and even deaths every school year. Make sure your child knows the dangers of binge drinking and remind them to never drink and drive.  

Back to SchoolSchool Safety Procedure – Every school has different safety procedures for different emergencies. Make sure your child is properly informed of what to do in the case of an emergency. You can also have them practice drills so they do it correctly if anything were to occur. We hope that your child will never have to use these procedures but they should be properly trained and properly informed on how to handle these situations if something were to occur.

Bullying – Before the school year starts, have a discussion with your children on how they should handle bullies. In today’s culture, we would like to think that bullying is a thing of the past but it still occurs in schools every day. Teach your children not only how to handle a bully, but how to avoid being a bully themselves and how to speak up when another child is being bullied. Let your kid know that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated and educate them on their school’s specific anti-bullying campaign, if they have one. If they don’t have an anti-bullying program, maybe you can talk with other parents to get one organized. End bullying before it starts by talking to your children about how much pain it can cause.

Back to School

Troubleshooting Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

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carbon monoxide detectorHaving a carbon monoxide detector in your home is one of the most important measures you can take in regard to the safety of your family. Why is that? It is because this will alert you when there are high levels of carbon monoxide — which is both colorless and odorless — in your home, preventing any possible accidents or emergencies. Like all technology however, a carbon monoxide detector can suffer from malfunctions and one of the most common ways to know that for sure is if you see a flashing red light on your detector. Our team at Safehouse LLC, your local security company, wants to make sure that our customers know exactly what to do when they see that flashing light. Some steps you can take include:

Check What The Light Actually Means — A flashing red light might not actually be a bad thing. Some models of carbon monoxide detectors use that to indicate everything is properly working, while others use flashing green lights. Be sure to see what your model uses to signify its current status in the user manual

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Change Your Batteries — If your carbon monoxide detector uses a flashing red light as a warning, that typically indicates that its batteries are either running low or are about to die. Our staff at Safehouse LLC, your local security company, recommends that you swap out the old batteries for fresh ones as soon as you see that red light.

Ask Us At Safehouse — Here at Safehouse LLC, your local security company, we always want our customers to come to us with any questions they have, especially regarding their carbon monoxide detectors. Our experienced representatives are standing by to discuss the installation process, the different statuses your detector can have and how you can take care of it. We also will be happy to come to your home and inspect your detectors ourselves to ensure everything is running smoothly. Visit or contact us today!

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Check Us Out In The Community

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localsecuritysystemHere at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we are extremely proud of the connections that we have with our local community. It is important to us because the foundation of a local community is what helps businesses grow to new levels. Our work with organizations like the Better Business Bureau, the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary International Club and many others allows our experienced team at SafeHouse LLC, your home security destination, to meet people from all walks of life and pass along information about what their local security company can provide them. Our job is to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible and to ensure our local businesses have the protection they deserve. Contact or visit us today to see what SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, can do for you!

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How Do I Choose a Storage Unit?

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How to Choose a Storage Unit

Figuring out a way to store all of your stuff can be a pain, but using a storage unit is one of the best ways to store all that extra stuff that is clogging up your house and/or garage. Finding a good storage unit that you can trust can be tough though, as there are many local options to choose from. Are you wondering where you can find a storage unit you can trust? Do you need help figuring out which size storage unit you need to store all those extra items?

Optimally, you will only have to deal with your storage unit a couple of times: once moving in and whenever you need to pick something up. Pick a storage unit that you can put your stuff into and then just completely forget about it until you need to pick something up. Don’t pick a storage unit that you will constantly worry about. Use the tips below from SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, to help you figure out which storage unit fits what you need:

How to Choose a Storage Unit

  • Determine What Size Storage Unit You Need: Check out what exactly you have to put in that storage unit. You want to make sure that once everything is stowed away, that you have very little room. By filling your storage unit, you will guarantee that you will be getting the best value possible for your unit. Despite wanting to pack your unit, though, do make sure you have enough room to move around so you don’t have to empty it out to get something in the back.
  • Figure Out What Kind of Store Unit You Require: Perhaps you have something that is temperature sensitive. If that’s the case, then make sure that you go with a climate-controlled unit that is located indoors instead of a generic, outdoor garage-style storage unit. Do you have valuable items? Then maybe you should find a unit with a solid security system, like one from SafeHouse LLC, your local security company.
  • Get Your Storage Unit Insured: Check if your renter or homeowner insurance policy covers anything locked away in storage. If not, then maybe you should consider purchasing insurance from wherever you rent your storage unit. Most national or regional chains offer insurance with a fee.
  • Do The Proper Research: There is nothing wrong with checking out the reviews of a storage unit before you go to check it out. There also isn’t anything wrong with scoping out the neighborhood in which your storage unit is located. If you don’t really like the look of the location, then pick somewhere you think your items will be safer. Also make sure that the hours fit your schedule, that way you’re not stranded at an awkward time waiting for your unit’s office to open.
  • Visit and Ask Some Questions: Before you commit to a storage unit, you should pay it a visit and ask a few questions to the staff. Take a tour of the storage units to figure out if they are really the units that you want. Ask about any discounts or programs that they offer and check out what the payment policy is. Once you ask all these questions and more, then you can figure out if this is the storage unit that you need.

How to Choose a Storage Unit

What Height Should Your Doorbell Camera Be?

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local security companyOur team at SafeHouse LLC, your source for home security, wants all of our customers to know how beneficial it can be to have a doorbell camera installed in your house. Having one will allow you to identify who is at your door and give you plenty of details before you decide to open it up. This can be a great addition to your existing home security system and further enhance the peace of mind for you and your family. However, it is important to know exactly where on the door you should install this camera and at what height it should be mounted, a because the perfect angle will provide you with the maximum amount of information. 

local security companyHere at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we want to give you a few tips on how to make using your doorbell camera as effective as possible:

  • Obviously, a doorbell camera is intended to be installed on your door. We recommend that the camera be installed where a doorbell typically would be located. Most people would think placing the camera higher on the door would make it more efficient, but that is not the way the technology works. By placing it at doorbell-level, the camera will still be able to see the face of whoever is at the door easily and let you know what you need to.
  • When properly installed, a doorbell camera also can give you an idea of what is going on beyond your doorstep. However, you do not want to advertise the fact that you have such a camera. Installing it where your doorbell normally would go is a good concealment method and lets you continue monitoring whoever comes to your door.

Here at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we are ready to ensure you have the right doorbell camera that will perfectly fit with your current security system. Providing you with the best home security is our mission and it is one we take seriously. Contact us or visit us today to learn more about how we protect the things you care about the most.

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Sentech Merger Announcement

Safehouse is pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive merger agreement with Sentech, a leading provider of security alarm systems!