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Getting Ready to Go Back to School

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Back to SchoolThe school year is quickly approaching and it is about time to start preparing the kids to get back into the rhythm of going to class every day and studying every night. Here at SafeHouse, your local security company, we want to make sure that your kids are fully prepared to get back into the classroom. Safety is such a massive concern in today’s education climate. Our team at SafeHouse, your local security company, has compiled a list of a few tips that you and your child can use to make sure that they stay safe throughout the school year. Sending your child to school can be nerve-wracking and scary whether they are heading to Kindergarten or final years of college, but you’ll be able to put your mind at ease with these helpful tips.

Bus Stop Safety – Make sure your child is always walking to the bus stop and not running. Aim to get to the stop five minutes before the bus gets there, so that way they won’t have to rush. Your kid should also always use the sidewalk. If there isn’t a sidewalk, they should walk on the left side facing towards traffic. As always, tell them to avoid strangers and definitely never get into a vehicle with one. They should look to the left and the right and then to the left again once the bus and the traffic around it has stopped with the stop sign extended.

Back to SchoolBuddy System – The buddy system is a great way for your child to stay safe, no matter where they are. This system can apply to the bus stop, field trips, or even playing outside during recess. With the buddy system, your child will be paired with another so they are never alone. This will deter issues such as harassment from strangers and getting lost on long trips. If your child has a buddy who is accountable for them, you won’t have to worry about your kid being by themselves and therefore more susceptible to danger.

College Parties (Binge Drinking) – Students in elementary through high school aren’t the only ones getting back to class, college students will be settling into their dorms soon as well. One common problem for college students occurs when too much alcohol is consumed over a short period of time. This is a dangerous activity called “binge drinking” and is responsible for countless ambulance trips, hospital stents and even deaths every school year. Make sure your child knows the dangers of binge drinking and remind them to never drink and drive.  

Back to SchoolSchool Safety Procedure – Every school has different safety procedures for different emergencies. Make sure your child is properly informed of what to do in the case of an emergency. You can also have them practice drills so they do it correctly if anything were to occur. We hope that your child will never have to use these procedures but they should be properly trained and properly informed on how to handle these situations if something were to occur.

Bullying – Before the school year starts, have a discussion with your children on how they should handle bullies. In today’s culture, we would like to think that bullying is a thing of the past but it still occurs in schools every day. Teach your children not only how to handle a bully, but how to avoid being a bully themselves and how to speak up when another child is being bullied. Let your kid know that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated and educate them on their school’s specific anti-bullying campaign, if they have one. If they don’t have an anti-bullying program, maybe you can talk with other parents to get one organized. End bullying before it starts by talking to your children about how much pain it can cause.

Back to School

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