How Do I Choose a Storage Unit?

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How to Choose a Storage Unit

Figuring out a way to store all of your stuff can be a pain, but using a storage unit is one of the best ways to store all that extra stuff that is clogging up your house and/or garage. Finding a good storage unit that you can trust can be tough though, as there are many local options to choose from. Are you wondering where you can find a storage unit you can trust? Do you need help figuring out which size storage unit you need to store all those extra items?

Optimally, you will only have to deal with your storage unit a couple of times: once moving in and whenever you need to pick something up. Pick a storage unit that you can put your stuff into and then just completely forget about it until you need to pick something up. Don’t pick a storage unit that you will constantly worry about. Use the tips below from SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, to help you figure out which storage unit fits what you need:

How to Choose a Storage Unit

  • Determine What Size Storage Unit You Need: Check out what exactly you have to put in that storage unit. You want to make sure that once everything is stowed away, that you have very little room. By filling your storage unit, you will guarantee that you will be getting the best value possible for your unit. Despite wanting to pack your unit, though, do make sure you have enough room to move around so you don’t have to empty it out to get something in the back.
  • Figure Out What Kind of Store Unit You Require: Perhaps you have something that is temperature sensitive. If that’s the case, then make sure that you go with a climate-controlled unit that is located indoors instead of a generic, outdoor garage-style storage unit. Do you have valuable items? Then maybe you should find a unit with a solid security system, like one from SafeHouse LLC, your local security company.
  • Get Your Storage Unit Insured: Check if your renter or homeowner insurance policy covers anything locked away in storage. If not, then maybe you should consider purchasing insurance from wherever you rent your storage unit. Most national or regional chains offer insurance with a fee.
  • Do The Proper Research: There is nothing wrong with checking out the reviews of a storage unit before you go to check it out. There also isn’t anything wrong with scoping out the neighborhood in which your storage unit is located. If you don’t really like the look of the location, then pick somewhere you think your items will be safer. Also make sure that the hours fit your schedule, that way you’re not stranded at an awkward time waiting for your unit’s office to open.
  • Visit and Ask Some Questions: Before you commit to a storage unit, you should pay it a visit and ask a few questions to the staff. Take a tour of the storage units to figure out if they are really the units that you want. Ask about any discounts or programs that they offer and check out what the payment policy is. Once you ask all these questions and more, then you can figure out if this is the storage unit that you need.

How to Choose a Storage Unit

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