Have a Secure Spring Cleaning

By April 18, 2018 Uncategorized


Spring cleaning, one of the most time-honored traditions, is when you remove the clutter from your home and lives to make room for a whole new summer of fun. Don’t let the excitement of spring cleaning distract you from the fact that burglars can use this time as an opportunity for crime. Not only that, but once spring rolls around, there are a number of other dangers to protect your home and family from. Check out our five useful tips to keep your family and home safe during the springtime;

  1. Use Your Outdoor Lights – An unlit home is an open invitation for criminals. Make sure that you keep your house well-illuminated with some low-watt CFL or LED bulbs. This will help to deter intruders that don’t want to be caught in the act.
  2. Make Sure Your Address is Visible – Emergency responders need to be able to find your house easily in case something happens. If they are unable to see your house numbers, it could delay their crucial response times. As spring gets closer, weeds and wear from the weather might prevent how well people can see your address. Make sure this isn’t an issue so emergency responders can get to you when you need them.
  3. Put Your Yard Tools Away – Spring is a time for yard work, but you should always make sure that you put your tools back into your garage or shed when you’re done. If you leave your tools laying around, that puts them at risk to be stolen. It also gives criminals the impression that you’re not paying close attention to your property, inviting them to intrude in your home and steal what they want.
  4. Lock Your Doors and Windows – When the temperature gets warmer, you might be tempted to leave your doors or windows open to let a fresh cool breeze in. However, don’t forget to close and lock those doors and windows up when you leave to keep burglars out.
  5. Get a Home Security System from SafeHouse – There is no better way to protect you and your family then by installing a professional security system from SafeHouse, your local security company. Having it alone will deter criminals, but it will also protect you all in a number of other cases such as fires. Contact us today and we will get you outfitted with the security system that your house needs to bring you complete peace of mind.


Sentech Merger Announcement

Safehouse is pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive merger agreement with Sentech, a leading provider of security alarm systems!