Spring Cleaning Safety

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While safety is a year-long concern for homeowners,  spring can bring a number of security issues that could lead to problems. Along with the weather warming up, baseball season, and late night campfires, spring brings the need for some additional security measures to keep your family protected. Take some time during your spring cleaning process to complete these simple tips below to have a safe and enjoyable spring season.

Remove Pollen From Security Cameras: Having the most up-to-date security system won’t help if all of your cameras’ lenses are coated in pollen. Imagine trying to make out a burglar’s face through a green blur. Make sure you clean your cameras uses a blower or a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging the lens. Use a little bit of lens cleaning solution and wipe it off with a cleaning cloth or lens tissue.

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Trim Lawn/Bushes: Keeping your lawn grass short and properly maintaining the shrubbery on your property is a great way to deter burglars. Having an overgrown lawn or out-of-control bushes can make it look like you’ve been away from your home for a while or that your home may lack a security system.

Clean Out Garages And Other Storage Areas: Spring cleaning is one of the best times to clear out that clutter occupying your barn, shed, garage, or any other storage area. Nuisances like possums, rats, stray cats, birds, and bats can spread dangerous diseases or start to decompose on your property. Clear out these areas as part of your spring cleaning process.

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Fresh Coat of Paint on House: Painting your house may not be on your to-do list this spring, but a freshened-up exterior will show everyone passing by that you really care about your home. Houses with fresh coats of paint may be more likely to appear as a home with a security system in place.

Get the Latest Security System from SafeHouse: There is no better way to have complete peace of mind during any season than having the most up-to-date security system from SafeHouse. Talk to our expert team, and we can make sure that your security system is ready to protect you from any problems that may occur this spring.

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Sentech Merger Announcement

Safehouse is pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive merger agreement with Sentech, a leading provider of security alarm systems!