5 Easy Tips for Deciding Your Home Security Code

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Deciding Your Home Security CodeEveryone who owns a security system knows the pain of trying to find the perfect password or code that no one will ever be able to guess. More often than not however, we end up getting frustrated and picking something simple like our birthday or an easy number combination. Here at SafeHouse LLC, we fully get that struggle and want that selection process to be as seamless as possible. While that is important, it also is crucial to make sure your security code is unique to you and your family. That is why we put together five quick tips about deciding the best home security code. Following these will not only give you peace of mind, but also assist you in making sure you are protected against any unwanted attempts to deactivate your system:

Deciding Your Home Security Code

  1. Try to be original — As we have said, most people will choose something personal to them — like the date of an anniversary or a pet’s birthday — for their security code. While there is nothing wrong with that, it can be better to use a completely random number sequence that cannot be associated with you. Try out different combinations and select one that is exclusive yet easy to recall when you need it. If you decide that option, remember to only share it with your family or people that you trust.
  2.  Keep it unique — Another way to ensure your security system will not be compromised is to give family members their own personal home security code. That way, if one code happens to become compromised, it will be much easier to change it without affecting everyone in your household. In some cases, it also can be an effective way to keep track of when and the number of times your child or children have entered their code into the system.
  3. Make it user-friendly — If you decide to give an unique access code to someone outside of your household, such as a dog sitter or housekeeper, be sure that it will be one that they can remember right off the top of their head. If the code is too complicated, they might become locked out of the system. With this method, you also will be able to keep track of when he or she entered their code and check if it was during their assigned hours. If an employee quits, you can simply delete their assigned code.
  4. Change it — One of the best ways to make sure your home security code is always protected is to change it on a periodic basis. Even if it is an entirely random sequence, it is never a bad idea to swap it out for a new code two to four times every year. That way, you will feel comfortable knowing that your code does not follow a pattern that can be predicted.
  5. Always remember your code — A key component of having a truly unique home security code is to never forget what it is. Otherwise, you will find yourself having to create new codes or even become locked out of your system. It also can be difficult to try and commit those number combinations to memory. We recommend writing down what the access codes are and storing them someplace that you know will be safe. When you change a code or codes for a new sequence, make a small note on the security system for those who use it and take it down after a week or so. This way, you’ll always have a hard copy someplace close when you need it.

Our staff at SafeHouse LLC will be glad to provide additional information and answer any questions about making your home security code entirely unique to your household. We are here to help you have complete confidence when you leave your house, so feel free to contact us with any concerns you have. To learn more about us, remember to visit www.thinksafehouse.com.

Deciding Your Home Security Code

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