SafeHouse LLC1. How does a security system work?

A security system typically works in three steps. The first step is detection, which occurs when something happens, such as a window breaking, a door opening when it shouldn’t, or someone attempting to open up a safe in your house. The next phase the system goes into is the annunciation stage. This phase includes letting the homeowner know that a status has changed and an issue has occurred. Another step, and arguably the most important one, is the monitoring phase. It is the job of the security system to send for help, whether that be the fire company or the police.

2. How do burglars choose a house?

What is going through the mind of a criminal when they are selecting a home to break into? They are looking for homes that they find vulnerable or easy to break into without detection. Whenever you leave your home, make sure that you turn your alarm system on, if it does not automatically. If a criminal notices your alarm system is disabled, then, of course, they are going to try to break into your home. Other dead giveaways that will draw burglars in is unkempt lawns, switched off lights, and empty driveways. These tell criminals that you are not home, therefore, your house can be easily burglarized.

SafeHouse LLC3. How well does having a security system work?

If you are weighing the effectiveness of employing a security system, then you should know that studies have proven that a house with a high-quality security system is three times less likely to get invaded. If you want to protect your home, then make sure you get a home security system from your friends here at SafeHouse LLC. Just having a security system alone is typically enough to deter home intruders. No matter how much you lock up your home or how many dogs you have in your front yard, there is nothing that will prevent burglars from breaking into your home better than a good security system.

4. How can I monitor my home remotely?

If you are looking to monitor your home from a remote location, then you should look into home automation services from your security company. Remote monitoring systems typically work through the combination of security cameras and mobile apps for your smartphone. Mobile apps can typically turn your home security system on and off. Some companies even allow you to choose how you would like to be alerted in case of an emergency: you can choose to be called, emailed, or even texted in case your home security system has to be deployed.

SafeHouse LLC5. What is a cellular alert system?

Cellular alarm systems have replaced the traditional wired security phone line security networks. This system functions exactly like your cell phone. The cell module is placed in the main control panel and sends wireless signals to the monitoring station, alerting the authorities when needed. The signal is sent through the cell signal, similar to that of a text message, making it able to travel quickly. Get the help you need automatically with a security system that is outfitted with a cellular alert system.

6. How do I secure my windows?

Securing your windows may be easier for you than it seems at first glance. You can install window locks on your home, which are the most basic way to secure a window. A simple pin lock will keep windows from being fully opened. You can also cover your windows with a protective film, which can help keep glass from shattering if a burglar attempts to break through a glass window. You can even install window bars, which will keep a criminal from squeezing into your window. If are looking to secure your window, you can also install window sensors and a window alarm system from SafeHouse LLC.

SafeHouse LLC7. What is SafeHouse LLC?

For years and years, SafeHouse LLC has been an effective and trusted name in security solutions for home and business across the states of Maryland and Delaware. This company offers our customers a unique background and skill set with over a quarter-century of law enforcement experience along with well-trained technicians working together to bring you unmatched products and services. Protect your home and business from theft, intruders, and property damage with security camera systems in Maryland or Delaware from the team here at SafeHouse LLC.

8. Can SafeHouse protect me from a fire?

SafeHouse LLC’s fire solutions can be specifically tailored to your needs and can change as your requirements change. SafeHouse LLC can also provide a single point of access to all the resources and data needed to monitor, control, and protect your property. As a fire solutions leader and expert source, Safehouse has integrated fire detection and life safety management systems to meet the demands facing a wide range of properties. Those shopping for a new fire alarm in Easton or Cambridge should come shop at SafeHouse LLC today.

SafeHouse LLC9. Can SafeHouse protect more than just my home?

SafeHouse LLC isn’t just around to protect your home; we provide security system solutions and installation services for businesses and homes alike. We provide business security, industrial security, and even agricultural security across the states of Delaware and Maryland. One of our systems can provide you the security, loss prevention, and risk management your business needs to stay on top of the game. No matter the size of your business, SafeHouse LLC can provide you with the security system you need to bring you peace of mind.

10. How can I contact SafeHouse?

SafeHouse LLC is more than happy to address any questions you may have. You can also contact us via the email INFO@THINKSAFEHOUSE.COM or you can give us a phone call at 410-829-9196 or 302-934-9552. Call us right now and we will discuss your security projects completely free of charge. We will bring you a complete security needs analysis at no cost to you. After that, we will work with you to get your security needs met in Maryland or Delaware, all while staying in your budget.