What Height Should Your Doorbell Camera Be?

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local security companyOur team at SafeHouse LLC, your source for home security, wants all of our customers to know how beneficial it can be to have a doorbell camera installed in your house. Having one will allow you to identify who is at your door and give you plenty of details before you decide to open it up. This can be a great addition to your existing home security system and further enhance the peace of mind for you and your family. However, it is important to know exactly where on the door you should install this camera and at what height it should be mounted, a because the perfect angle will provide you with the maximum amount of information. 

local security companyHere at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we want to give you a few tips on how to make using your doorbell camera as effective as possible:

  • Obviously, a doorbell camera is intended to be installed on your door. We recommend that the camera be installed where a doorbell typically would be located. Most people would think placing the camera higher on the door would make it more efficient, but that is not the way the technology works. By placing it at doorbell-level, the camera will still be able to see the face of whoever is at the door easily and let you know what you need to.
  • When properly installed, a doorbell camera also can give you an idea of what is going on beyond your doorstep. However, you do not want to advertise the fact that you have such a camera. Installing it where your doorbell normally would go is a good concealment method and lets you continue monitoring whoever comes to your door.

Here at SafeHouse LLC, your local security company, we are ready to ensure you have the right doorbell camera that will perfectly fit with your current security system. Providing you with the best home security is our mission and it is one we take seriously. Contact us or visit us today to learn more about how we protect the things you care about the most.

local security company

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