Black Friday/Cyber Monday Safety

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Black Friday Safety

November is upon us and that means that not only is it time for Black Friday but it is also the season for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. With deals that are sure to entice any buyer, Black Friday season can be a busy and hectic time of the year. This means that safety for you and your loved ones is most likely an important issue. You may be too busy thinking about the latest and greatest deals to be concerned with safety, so let the team at SafeHouse give you some protective tips to keep you safe this Black Friday and when you should shop online on Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

  • NEVER fight or even argue over an item
  • Always check your accounts and save your receipts
  • Park in well-lit areas and be patient when searching out a parking spot. Don’t speed into an open spot, as it could compromise the safety of yourself as well as other drivers and pedestrians
  • Store your shopping bags out of plain sight, possibly even in the trunk
  • Prevent pickpocketing by making sure your purse is kept close to your person and your wallet stays in either your inside coat pocket or your front pocket of your pants
  • Teach your children to meet you somewhere if they get lost and teach them how to ask for help from a security guard or employee if they are lost
  • Only use a single credit card while shopping, in case your identity becomes compromised

Black Friday Safety

Cyber Monday

  • Stick to retailers that you are familiar with
  • Share as little personal information as possible
  • Mix your passwords up so you aren’t using the same exact password for all of your accounts
  • Only shop on a secure site
  • Avoid phishing emails that are disguised as Cyber Monday deals
  • Use a credit card instead of a debit card, so you that you have an extra layer of security between criminals and your bank account

Black Friday Safety

Sentech Merger Announcement

Safehouse is pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive merger agreement with Sentech, a leading provider of security alarm systems!