Babysitter Safety

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Once you pick your babysitter, there are a number of safety tips that you should follow to make sure that your sitter is fully prepared for the task at hand. Your local security company is ready to share some key tips to keep in mind when you are preparing your babysitter to watch your child.

Set Babysitter Rules

Before you even hire your babysitter, you should make it known that there is a set group of rules that must be followed. Some suggest that you should limit the amount of time that the sitter is allowed to stay on their phone. Constantly being on the phone, especially while the child is still awake, can lead to minimal attention being paid to the child. While sitters may not have to hover over children, they should at least be attentive enough to identify issues before they happen. You should also set a rule that your sitter is not allowed to have friends over to your place after your child falls asleep. This may seem self-explanatory, but it is always a good idea to put it out there, especially if your babysitter is a teenager.

Get Your Child’s Routine Down

When it comes time to leave your house, you should make sure that your child is well aware of the schedule that they should be following, even when you are away. Your child should know when it is time to go to bed so they can be prepared before the sitter even tells them it is time. They should also know what they’re going to eat and whether or not they’re allowed to watch television. You should also review important safety information with your child, such as how to escape your building in the case of a fire and the location of fire extinguishers. Your child should also be aware of the location of items such as first aid kits and flashlights. If your child follows the normal routines, it will make it better for everyone involved, especially the babysitter.

Leave Important Phone Numbers

When you’re getting ready to leave for the night, you should make sure that your sitter has access to all of the important numbers that they need. You should always leave the phone number of the place that you are going, in addition to your cell phone number, so that you can be reached no matter where you go. You should also leave the number of your child’s doctor in case there is a medical emergency. Parents should also tell the sitter to dial 911 in case of an emergency that needs the involvement of police or the fire department, and you should leave the number of the closest poison control center in a spot that is easy to find. You should also leave the number of one of your neighbors that you trust, so they can be contacted in case help is needed.

Help your babysitter be ready and prepared with these easy tips.

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